How to create the perfect menu

“Including alternatives on the menu for me is about expanding your customer-experience and not limiting enjoyment and pleasure to alcohol.” Maria-Elisabeth Laimer, Co-Founder of FREEDL


As a new hospitality season is starting, many restaurants and bars, are creating a new menu. The perfect time to think about how to include non-alcoholic alternatives in a qualitative and appreciative way. As an inspiration, here are three different ways:



1. The premium selection

Having an exclusive selection of non-alcoholic products which are addressing an adult drinking experience. No water or lemonade included. A simple but conscious way of creating a more mindful menu. 



2. The all-you-see-could-also-be-free

The whole drink-menu can be ordered with alcohol or alcohol-free. Customers can orientate themselves along known names and do not have to limit their choices to a specific section.



3. Going beyond existing choices

Here we see completely new creations, which are not derived from their alcoholic counterparts. Completely new options to enable complex and high-quality tasting experiences.


 What is your favourite option? 


If you want to talk about your menu and how to present and include your alcohol-free options in a fancy and good way, let’s talk. Slide in our Mails and we can schedule a call.