Fun fact:
In the past basil was called “Brain-Herb”, because it was said to have a benefit in helping to concentrate 

Basil is one of the oldest herbs known by humans and is nowadays widely used in the kitchen. But the superfood has many additional functionalities and can boost  mind and body in different ways. Let’s examine the power of basil step by step…



Due to the long history of basil in society, and the usage of the herb in traditional Chinese medicine, you can find various benefits of basil in literature. In this short article we want to highlight the two main benefits the consumption of basil can have.

1. Relieving stress

It is believed that the herb stimulates the neurotransmitters that regulate the hormones responsible for generating happiness and energy. That is why Basil is considered as a powerful adaptogen or an anti-stress agent. A basil-tea is often recommended when suffering from lack of sleep, nervousness, or mental strain.

2. Anti-Inflammantory

    Due to the powerful essential oils of basil (for example eugenol), the herb can help lower inflammation or may protect the health of your gut, liver and stomach. For example, basil could protect against a potential gut infection or can support with bloating.

    in the kitchen 

    Especially in the Mediterranean kitchen, Basil is a popular ingredient and finds its way into all sorts of Pestos, Sauces or Teas. The most common way is using Basil as a topping or an eye-catcher on any dish. In general, it’s aroma can best be described as a balance between sweet and savory. So no wonder that basil is even frequently used for desserts. Also, there are many different types of basil: we for example use a special mountain-basil for our beer.


    Tell us you favorite uses of basil as an ingredient. Ours is of course brewing a fresh alcohol-free beer!