„Calma ti [chill] & get a beer“ – the only thing you want to hear after a long day at work. It’s time to reward yourself and enjoy a moment of resetting the tone. But as people are getting more conscious about their health, this moment of enjoyment is often missed out on to avoid alcohol. 

That is why we wanted to create a true alternative, not only taste- but also functionality-wise. Following our philosophy, we started to look and research right on our doorstep: The Italian Alps! Partnering with a small herbal farm above 1500m height, we learned a lot about the power and function of alpine herbs. 

After many experiments, we found the perfect match – on a functionality side but also regarding aroma synergy and harmony: Alpine basil. In the past basil was called the brain-herb as it is said to help to concentrate. Due to the stimulation of neurotransmitters caused by basil, the herb is considered as a powerful “adaptogen” or anti-stress agent. On top of that basil has a unique and complex aroma – widely used in the Italian cuisine. 

As a beer style we chose a classic pale ale to bring in citrus and freshness. Matching it with the alpine basil results in an incredible synergy. The body in the middle, which is normally missed when lacking alcohol, is absorbed by the alpine basil. Not only in the nose but especially on the palate you feel the complexity of this symbiosis. 

For the name we wanted to emphasize the power of basil, bringing calmness, and including the original occasion of enjoying a beer. We call it AperoBeer, the first of its kind.