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First place in the category of nonalcoholic beers!

FREEDL Calma got awarded 10/10 points in the alcohol-free beer test by Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germanys leading newspapers! The beer-experts tested 10 different beers and awarded each beer with points from 0 to 10. 


"... the aroma is bombastic"

FREEDL Calma got described as following:

"The Arma is bombastic! The smell of alpine herbs and mountain basil as a top note rises to the nose. I smell a hint of pepper. The foam is fine, the liquid golden yellow. In the main drink super tangy and refreshing. I taste a brief malt sweetness and then the slightly ethereal basil. In the aftertaste, a delicate sweetness with a pleasant honey note. At the Südtiroler manufactory Pfefferlechner are artists at the brewing kettle! The incorporation of herbs into beers is craftsmanship at the highest level. The coherent refreshing drink goes well with light, Mediterranean dishes on hot summer days."

Wow, this feedback is overwhelming. 


Here the Link zu the article.