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Let us introduce you to The FREEDL Bags, small upcycled bags created by the social institution "BZG" in Bolzano.

In a world increasingly concerned about sustainability and environmental impact, innovative solutions are arising to address these challenges. One such ingenious concept is the FREEDL Bags – small bags made from upcycled malt sacks. This blog article explores the fascinating journey of these bags, highlighting their positive impact on the environment and society, while also adding a touch of unique style to your everyday life.


The social impact

In collaboration with the Berufstrainingszentrum (BZG), a vocational training center, these bags are brought to life using discarded malt sacks. The Berufstrainingszentrum (BZG) is a transformative institution empowering individuals with mental health challenges to reenter the workforce.

The BZG offers various training areas, including a Textile Department. In this department, participants acquire fundamental skills in working with textiles. They learn techniques such as basic fabric repairs using needle and thread, proficient use of sewing machines, and artistic creation of patchwork products. These and other skills are taught through individually structured work steps in the Textile Department.



The environmental impact

The beauty of upcycling extends beyond fashion and functionality. By supporting upcycled products like FREEDL Bags, you contribute to a larger movement towards a circular economy. Upcycling reduces waste, conserves valuable resources, and saves energy, all of which are vital steps towards combating climate change and preserving our planet for future generations.



Make the statement

FREEDL Bags embody the perfect fusion of sustainability and style, proving that fashion can be environmentally responsible without compromising on aesthetics.

Let's carry the message of sustainability on our shoulders – one FREEDL Bag at a time. Join the revolution, make a statement, and embrace the future of fashion – the sustainable way.


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How the bags look usually: